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Skin Rejuvenation by Ultherapy

Wednesday ,13/01/2016, 12:03 GMT+7
Aging is an inevitable and unavoidable process. From the age of 20, your skin starts to show aging signs. Over time, these signs will gradually be more evident at the middle age. With increasing demand for improvement of skin aging, many aesthetic services have been invented, including Ultherapy.
Ultherapy is the only advanced technology certified by FDA (USA) with effectiveness in improving skin aging without invasion by micro point convergence ultrasonic. Ultherapy was officially introduced in market since 2009 and quickly became a leading global technology in the internal aesthetic treatment without invasion.
  • Ultherapy brings a strong rejuvenation effect with just one treatment.
  • Lifting muscle and making face slim effectively: It applies a convergence ultrasound mechanism to directly impact on thousands of separate small points in the dermis layer, stimulate new collagen and elastin production under the skin, and bring instant effectiveness of rejuvenation after the treatment.
  • Lifting eyebrow and reducing wrinkles on eye area.
  • Firming loose abdominal area.
  • Long term effectiveness of rejuvenation: Continue aging improvement within 6 months and maintain more than 1 year after treatment.

This treatment is suitable for people at the age of 30 onwards with the following issues:

  • Those with loose facial skin and chin sags.
  • Those with oily and soft skin.
  • Those with skin losing elasticity.
  • Those with eyebrows fallen and loose eyelids.
  • Those with deep groove between the nose and cheeks.
  • Those with many wrinkles, loss of elasticity and elongation.
  • Those with loose thoracic and abdominal skin.

Step 1: Direct examination by doctor

Dermatologists at Orientskin will examine and determine your skin situation and aging level, then outline a specific therapy.

Step 2: Preparation before treatment

Experts will remove make up and clean your skin before the next treatment step.

Step 3: Treatment with high technology

The Doctor will directly perform skin rejuvenation treatment by Ultherapy technology. During treatment, the doctor always consider about your feelings to adjust the machine accordingly.

Step 4: Treatment post-care

After treatment completed, the experts will massage your skin with vitamin for purposes of supplying humidity and nutrients, smoothening skin as well.

Please contact directly for detailed consultation.
Please make an appointment in advance for us to serve you best.
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