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Treatment of Concave Scars

Tuesday ,12/01/2016, 19:34 GMT+7
Concave scars are caused by a rather complicated skin regeneration after damages made by acne. Although the scars are benign without harm to one’s health, they effect greatly to one’s aesthetic. There are many reasons for formation of scars such as atopic, deep lesions on skin or improper skin care during scar formation.
On today’s market, there are many scars treatment products; most of them require a persistent use in a long time. As the leading skin treatment and care center today, Orient can improve scars caused by acnes without much time and effort. With more than 1,000 successful treatments for concave scars, pitted scars caused by acnes from 2006, Orient Skincare & Laser Center has confirmed the effectiveness and credibility in treatment of scars for customers.

Treatment by Fractional CO2 (brand of US)

Application of Fractional CO2 technology has been the most effective technology for skin regeneration or concave scar until now. The effectiveness of scar skin recovery is up to 50 to 80% and this is an ideal value, which has not been passed by any technology of scar treatment.

With a very high wave length having the ability of affecting subminiature differential laser into the skin deeply and ensuring surrounding skin tissue intact, this energy helps the skin cells develop quickly. Thus, it promotes the process of collagen proliferation in skin layer and filling concave scars on the skin. This proliferation process can last at least up to 3 months after treatment. Your skin, especially scar hollows will be filled gradually within next 3 months.

With this technology, you only need to take treatment from 1 to 2 time(s) and this effect is permanent because the endogenous collagen proliferation fills scar skin area by itself. Each treatment time takes about 2 hours. The effect of scar improvement is from 50 to 80% depended on skin situation and age of each person as well as duration of scar formation.

Please notice that, there are many brands which have applied Fractional CO2 technology, however, the highest and safest effectiveness can only be reached when this technology is developed by a reputable genuine brand and implemented by professional and experienced physicians.

At Orient, we choose Lumenis brand (America) (with the price being 5 times higher as the same brand in Korea and other spa centers). With experienced dermatologists and venereologists as well as an absolute asepsis condition, Orient ensures an absolutely safe treatment with optimal effects to customers.


Treatment by Matrix RF of Syneron

This method of scars treatment applies the RF wave and brings a relatively high effectiveness. Although its efficiency in scar improvement is not as well versed compared to Fractional CO2, it is suitable for relatively simple and new scars. This method is appropriate for those who do not have long time for a recovery period. (Fractional CO2 requires about 5 -7 days for recovery). In addition, Matrix RF technology also improves skin elasticity and makes the skin firmer.

  • Those with concave scars, pitted scars left by acne on their skin.
  • Those who have used a lot of scar treatment products without effectiveness.
  • Those with too much scars with influence on appearance and psychology.
  • Those who have not had satisfactory results in scar treatment at other aesthetic centers.

Step 1: Skin examination before treatment by doctor

Doctor directly examines and determines depth of concave scars as well as time of scars formulation. Then the doctor will outline treatment and decide an appropriate treatment technology.

Step 2: Preparation before treatment

You will be treated in a sterile treatment room and worn sterile cloths; the sterility is made for whole of doctors and experts as well as customers.

  • Cleaning facial skin and applying anesthetic drugs (35 minutes).

Note: The scar treatment by Matrix RF method is not included this step.

  • Applying with antiseptics drug (10 minutes).

Step 3: Direct treatment with machine by doctor

You will be treated with the CO2 Fractional or RF Matrix technology as initially specified by the doctor. At Orient, the treatment processes are performed by dermatologists, who have been trained about laser technology in abroad.

Step 4: Application of therapy cream

After treatment, the doctor will apply therapy creams for antiseptics and skin regeneration.

Step 5: Observation after treatment

After the treatment, customers will see your doctor for consultation and advice after treatment: methods of skin cleaning, restrictions in actions, advices for nutrition, and methods of skin care during recovery of the skin.

  • Treatment of scar by Fractional CO2 technology: VND 15,000,000/ time
  • Matrix RF technology: VND 10,500,000/ time
Please make an appointment in advance for us to serve you best.
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